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Wedding film

It documents the most important moments of your wedding and reception, in chronological order. You will live your day again and again. You will see what your eye did not register, but what our eyes saw, partly edited to music, interspersed with live fragments. This 30-40 minute video will be your most vivid memory.

Wedding trailer

A dynamic, 3-4 minute video, with original music in the background. It portrays the most beautiful and exciting moments of your great day. It is full of emotions, smiles and tears. Its format makes it possible to share it on social media and enjoy it many times. It attracts attention and stays in memory for a long time.

Shots from drone

Your wedding and post-wedding session viewed from a bird's eye will add some magic to your videos. Thanks to this kind of shots, your video will be watched as a Hollywood production movie.

Wedding films